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Poster: Lucas Darklord Date: Jul 29, 2019 12:48am
Forum: netlabels Subject: Hosting a collection of Audacity Project files

Hi all,

A project I'm working wants to upload stereo versions of our tracks - but also upload all the stems (individual mono tracks that make up the finished stereo track) so that listeners and other artists can more easily make what they want with our source material.

I have two labels here and uploading the stereo tracks is no problem.

I'm looking for advice on how to handle the stems which we have as Audacity project files (with an associated data folder) which hold up to 32 mono tracks. I foolishly thought I could .zip up the Audacity files and upload them with the stereo mixes - but have now realised that that's not possible.

Anyone have any tips or suggestions on how to handle it and keep the files together or at least easily accessible?

We are using the Audacity Project files as part of our production pipeline leads to MaxMSP spitting out two synced 16 channel .wav files. These have proven easiest to open in Audacity (bouncing stems or from there if we want to use a different DAW or whatever). We would really rather not have to seperate all the stems and upload them individually, and the Audacity project files, once .zip'd, end up with a good efficient file size.

Thanks in advance for any thought you give this, and for any suggestions or help provided.